Sandwich factory - Review

Located in a quiet spot of Mayur Vihar, Sandwich Factory is an adorable little outlet loved by the locals. As I was pooling to reach the place, a rather friendly uber pool match helped us locate it and with a smile, added "Oh I know sandwich Factory, I go there really often. Really good food". With this one interaction, I assumed coming all the way from South Delhi would be worth it.

Upon entering you're greeted by Mr.Mustafa who's the manager at Sandwich Factory and is really positive and polite.

We started with one of the best sellers at Sandwich Factory, the Creamy Bruschetta. As the name suggests, It's a simple bruschetta with herbs and cheese sauce layered over a fluffy piece of bread. It's comforting and quite delicious.

The Grilled Italian Panini and Tex-Mex burrito are best sellers here, but a little more filling would've made the otherwise thin and scanty wrap-style burrito much better. The Grilled Panini, on the other hand, was oozing with ingredients.

Sandwich Factory

The hot Chocolate went perfectly with the weather of Delhi that day and was the highlight of my experience. They're generous with cocoa powder and it's quite like home made hot Chocolate and maybe hence so comforting.

For dessert, we went with the croissant. The warm chocolate sauce and the layers were a perfect end the meal.

Overall, Sandwich Factory is a cute and affordable place where you can hang out with your gang and chit chat over a couple of their best sellers.
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