This Eating Season - Let's Go Local With Nouns

I've lost count of how many times I've had a craving for something that can be procured only from a remote thela near my locality and my fellow foodie friends have no idea about the place! Just the other day, while having a Mango Ice Cream at one of the posh outlets in Connaught Place, I told my friends about  very inexpensive little ice cream shops and Daulat Ki Chaat carts in the lanes of Old Delhi they had no idea about. 

Every city has it's own set of such tiny shops, thelas and vendors which sell the most delicious food, and can give any expensive restaurant a run for their money with their exceptional food, but are still away from the gaudy public eye. These places not just serve the middle and lower middle class, they also have a loyal base of patrons who'll swear by the food and make sure each and every one of their acquaintances knows about that place. 
While I was busy eating "Dahi Ke Kebab" for ten times the price, I found this small shop in the corner of INA Market selling the crispiest "Dahi Ke Sholay" with a moist, molten filling of hung curd and vegetables inside. Served with mint and tamarind chutney, these beak shaped Dahi Ke Sholay were unlike any other deep fried snack I've had in Delhi. I posted about them on my blog and within no time the post went viral and Sharmaji, the owner of the shop had cut outs of different online portals featuring their creation pasted outside their little counter. This was one incident which made me realize that people are always on the lookout for such interesting and innovative food options tucked away in little shops at obscure corners, waiting only to be found.  They want to eat what is locally available because it is not only fresh, cost effective and in the neighborhood, it's also very authentic.
To combine more such food experiences which involved places not well known to the public and not present in the directories of various food apps, I downloaded the Nouns - Food Social App. On Nouns, you can share your food experience through posts and follow other foodies, helping them discover more such hidden gems in your city - something every foodie will utterly be grateful to you for! You can also look for nearby food spots and douse that fire ready to engulf your tummy. Apart from joining food- related interesting conversations and sharing experiences with fellow foodies, you can also create your own lists and discover the best of your city's food scene. It's an app every foodie and food enthusiast should definitely download - for the love of food! Download it hereHere.