Hwealth Cafe - New Friends Colony

Let me start this post with a confession - the only time I eat healthy is when I'm having steamed Bok Choy at home. For me, eating out means eating unhealthy-but-delicious food and I was quite adamant on this stand until I actually went out and tried great-tasting-0-guilt healthy food at Hwealth Cafe.

Hwealth Cafe is located in the shopping district of New Friends Colony and has the cutest interiors. The huge windows let in brilliant amounts of sunlight which make the place feel warm and welcoming.
They've got a couple of indoor plants, which made me fall in love with the place even before I tried the food. The menu clearly mentions the number of calories you'll get with what you're ordering and the amount of protien, carbs, fiber and fat the dish has to help you make the right choice.

I started by trying their choco-peanut butter high protein smoothie, which had a very prominent nutty taste that might be loved by fans of peanut butter.
They've got a range of filling smoothies and shakes, so we dived right into the food before we got too full on the healthy stuff.

Out of all their skinny starters, their chicken wings, Skinny Antipasti Nibbler Platter, Bruschetta platter stood out. The chef had added and removed elements to make the starters as healthy as possible while making sure the taste doesn't suffer a lot. My favorite was the Antipasti Nibbler Platter, with the aubergine base used for  several small bites.

For the main course, I'll recommend you go with the Fish Steak in Garlic Dill Sauce. It's served with the tastiest preparation of brown rice I've ever tried.The fish was cooked perfectly - and not overcooked (Thankfully!)

They've also got healthy desserts to choose from. But you know what they say about healthy food? It fills you up faster than unhealthy food and so we decided to try the desserts next time.

The food has been prepared keeping in mind the requirements of the people trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The dishes use healthier substitutes and hence don't throw you off your calorie intake plan.
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