Karachi Bakery Is Now At Select Citywalk!

We've all had times when we've asked our friends visiting Hyderabad to take a trip to the legendary Karachi Bakery and bring us a few packets of Osmania Biscuits.

Founded by Shri Khanchandji Ramnani in the year 1953, Karachi Bakery remains a favourite amongst it's patrons. The first bakery was established in Mozzam Jahi Market in Hyderabad and has since expanded all over India and abroad - having five outlets at the capital's airport itself.

At the Kiosk, I met Mr.Ram Wadhwani who took me through the history of Karachi Bakery with enriching anecdotes about how this bakery came to be what it is now.

Upon being asked about the bestsellers in Delhi, I was told that Delhiwallahs have expressed utmost liking towards the Fruit Biscuit, Osmania biscuits, Kesar Pista Cookies and Coconut cookies. A testimony to this was the number of people crowding up at the kiosk for the fruit biscuits while I was there.

Of everything I tried, Osmania Biscuits were definitely my favourite. These famous biscuits of Hyderabad with their Nizami Legacy make you feel a bit closer to royalty. Their super crumbly texture made it impossible to relish them without having crumbs all over you - but with a taste so buttery and texture that instantly melted in the mouth, it's something you won't mind. While this biscuit goes best with traditional Irani Chai, it was quite a treat on it's own as well.

The Karachi Bakery Fruit Biscuits are flavorsome with candied fruit studded on their surface like little gems. They are tender and crumbly {Though not as crumbly as Osmania biscuits} and make for the perfect tea time snack, in fact a snack you can munch on anytime during the day.

They've also got options like Almond and Pista Biscotti, Choco Delight biscuits with Belgian chocolate and walnut cookies.

If you're unsure of what to buy the first time, you can go with their assorted boxes which have different varities packed separately so you can try more than one type of biscuits. They also make for great gifts!

Head over to Select Citywalk and try these biscuits out for yourself! This kiosk might not be in Hyderabad, but their biscuits will definitely transport you there - in the year 1953, at Mozzam Jahi Market, chewing on some delicious Osmania biscuits.