Dual Colour Handcrafted Combs By Vega

One major part of our hair routines, though something very basic,but very important is combing!
If we neglect something as simple as combing, the health of our hair takes a major toll and no one likes frizzy,tangled hair.

Choosing the right kind of combs and brushes is very important for our hair and we should always go with something gentle, good quality and specially designed to keep hair manageable.

VEGA has introduced a new range of products known as 'Spectra Dual Colour Handcrafted Combs' which has 12 models and prices starting at INR 99 only.
  • The combs are designed to not hurt the scalp while combing.
  • The combs provide a gentle massage to your hair while combing.
  • The comb's tooth stimulate the hair follicles and initiate new and healthy hair growth.

This new range of products by VEGA are handcrafted and colourful. Their tag line is - " You can match it to your dress or mood. So what's your colour today?". Each model comes in four vibrant colours - pink, blue, green and purple. 

Speaking about this new range, the founder of Vega Industries, Mr.Sandeep Jain says       " We have the complete range of handcrafted combs - Dressing, Graduated Dressing, Grooming, Detangling, Shampoo, Pocket, Tail comb. We initially launched brown and black, but most of us want to create out style statement with the products we use so we came up with spectra dual colour combs. Spectra combs are a rare combination of fashion and health for your hair.''

We tried these combs and are quite happy with the quality. The rounded bristles make it gentle for the scalp. The colours also look bright sitting on your dressing table. The range starts INR 99 onwards and is quite afforable when compared to the excellent quality.