How To Care For Areca Palm Indoors

Areca Palm is probably one of my favourite indoor plants. It's the plant you see outside most banks and lining up the corridoors of malls. It's easy to maintain, quite cheap and adds a beautiful green element indoors with it's large feathery fronds.

Though finding Areca Palms cheap at nurseries is a task (but I found several online, links of which shall be given below), you can also buy a baby plant and let it grow.
Areca Palm Indoors

There are several things to keep in mind while caring for an areca palm - most of which I learnt through my own mistakes (and I'm still learning).

Areca Palm DO'S 

  • Make sure you plant your areca palm in a pot which gives it sufficient space to grow. It won't flourish in a tiny pot. However, a perfect sized pot (about twice the size of root ball) would limit the plant  growth because of crowded roots. My areca Palm is approximately 5 feet so I use a pot which is 12-14 inches wide.
  • Water your areca palm once the top surface of soil looks a little dry.
  • Buy a spray bottle and regularly spray the fronds of areca palm with water. They love humidity. (But only the leaves. Don't put too much water in roots)
  • Trim of any brown ends of the frond.
  • Keep the plant in a room well lit by natural sun, but not in direct sunlight.

Areca Palm DON'Ts
  • One of my Areca Palms faced severe transplant shock. How did I know? While the other one was fine, this one immediately drooped. New environment with a new kind of light,soil and water may make it difficult for the indoor plant to adjust immidiately. I corrected it by replanting it in a new pot, correctly (not too much soil over the original root ball), and keeping sure the soil was moist. Thankfully, the Palm was back in it's original shape.

  • DO NOT OVERWATER. The roots will begin to rot. Only add enough water to make sure the soil is absorbing the water, but isn't soggy.
  • Avoid overfertilizing the plant. Some slow release fertilizer in spring, though optional, should be enough. 
    Areca Palm Indoors
    New leaves unfurling

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this and are encouraged to buy your very own palm! 

Buy it here -
Things to keep in mind while Buying Areca Palm -
  • Compare the prices of different online portals as well as nurseries.
  • Compare the size of plant to the price. 
  • Avoid buying plants with yellowing fronds or stems.

So that's it! Hope you guys enjoyed reading about one of my favourite house plants! Hope this was helpful and do let me know how these tricks worked out.