Udaipur - Our Trip To A Mini Paradise in Rajasthan (Day 2)

After a sound sleep thanks to all the exhaustion on Day 1, we woke up early morning.

DAY 2 - After having a long conversation with our room mate,we headed out for another day of exploring as much as we could.

  • We took an auto to Monsoon Palace or Sajjan Garh Palace which is a picture perfect Palace sitting on Hilltop,about a 15 minutes journey from Gangaur Ghat. 
Udaipur Sajjan Garh Monsoon Palace
View of Udaipur From Sajjan Garh Palace

You can combine your Sajjangarh Palace visit with a visit to the Sajjan Garh Sanctuary. You can explore the sanctuary on foot,by a rented bicycle (available near ticket counter for 30 Rs) or on a battery rickshaw (50 Rs per person). It's more like a zoo than sanctuary. I wouldn't recommend it since I'm not an advocate of caging wild animals. 
The Palace was built by Maharana Sajjan Singh and has the beautiful view of Lakes of Udaipur and the lush Aravallis around it. (More about Sajjangarh Palace and how to reach there here) 
Udaipur Sajjan Garh Monsoon Palace
Sajjan Garh Palace Monsoon Palace

  • After completing our visit to Both the Palace and Sanctuary,we walked back to Kaliedo Restaurant,which lies very close to the Palace. After replenishing ourselves,we decided to visit Shepherd Memorial Church as it was Christmas. The church has English Gothic architecture with stone structures and lancet windows. The atmosphere was magical during Christmas time - with people greetings each other,praying and distributing Christmas cake. 
Udaipur Shepherd Memorial Church

Visiting the church made me miss my Delhi Christmas,but I brushed all the nostalgia of Delhi aside as I was in Udaipur for only a few days and this city deserved all my attention.

I took a sharing auto Malli Taal (10 Rs per person) simply because I wanted to walk from Malli Taal to Fateh Sagar. 
The Fateh Sagar lake is one of the most beautiful lakes I've ever seen - with its waters glittering like a million little diamonds under the warm sun. 

Udaipur Fateh Sagar Lake
Fateh Sagar Lake

There are loads of things you can do at Fateh Sagar. Boating,Trying out unusual things to eat or simply unwind by the ghaat and enjoy the view of the artificial lake. (click here to know what we did at Fateh Sagar Lake)

It was time to come back to our hostel,but instead we took a little detour and went to Shilpgram. It's walking distance from where we were at Fateh Sagar (about 2 km) but you can also take an auto. 
Shilpgram is made like an actual village with kaccha huts. The place depicts the village and tribal lifestyle and offers handicrafts,Food and drink,clothing and furniture of each district. I tried the Malai Makhan and cold frothy Badaam Milk from Lucknow, Traditional Dal Baati Churma from Rajasthan and Kahwa from Kashmiri stall. 
Udaipur Shilpgram
A Rajasthani hut selling Dal Baati Churma

Udaipur Shilpgram
Malai Makhan from Lucknow stall

Udaipur Shilpgram
Dal Baati Churma from a Rajasthani stall

Udaipur Shilpgram
Tribal Museum in Shilpgram

Getting an auto might be a little bit of a problem,but while we were there the government run buses had great frequency (1 bus every 10 minutes) which would drop you to many places in Udaipur including famous places  (like Chetak circle)from where you can easily take a cab or auto to your destination. 

When we came back to Banjaara Hostel,the atmosphere was electrifying as all the travelers were in Christmas mood. We sang Carols,walked to the ghats to relax by the lake and watch fireworks and simply enjoy the Christmas in a new different way. 

Sun and moon Rooftop restaurant,which was located in the same building as Banjaara was a part of the same property - Hotel Udai Niwas. It has the Highest terrace and the view of the old city from the rooftop is absolutely beautiful. We met a couple from Munich - Alex and Lorraine who were sharing our table and exchanged several interesting stories. 
The food at the restaurant was great,however the service was a bit too slow. 
The hotel had arranged for a band which played on Christmas and the chilly winter breeze combined with great Indian food and live Music in a new city made this Christmas quite eventful.

We went back to our room,to hear stories from our roommate Anne about how she celebrates Christmas every year in Belgium. 

We dozed off only to wake up a couple hours later for our last day in Rajasthan,Day3