Explore Jaipur with Jaipur Double Decker Sight Seeing Bus

The one fear that every Budget traveller has is the amount it will cost to explore the city once you reach there.

Reaching a destination on budget is easy - Take a cheap roadways ride,book a flight ticket months in advance,or simply take a seat in the general section of Indian Railways but what really blows up your budget is the amount you spend on tuktuks and cabs in your destination,who also sometimes overcharge for tourist destinations.

We happened to learn about 'Jaipur Double Decker Sightseeing bus' which made us save so much money on our Jaipur trip.
The bus leaves daily at 9am from Sindhi camp Bus terminal (the main bus terminal inside Jaipur city where most Volvos and roadways buses drop you).

The tickets can be bought in advance,and can also be bought on the spot by reaching the small shops selling tickets of Double Decker Sightseeing at Sindhi Camp Bus Terminal.
If you are staying at a hotel in Sindhi Camp,ask your hotel to book you a seat and they are more than happy to do so.

We sat on the roof of the bus (It's a double decker bus having seats. Don't imagine a bus version of Chaiiya Chaiiya) This made the journey extremely amazing as the weather was superb and the feeling of wind flowing through my hair was amazing.

As the journey starts,the conductor gives you his number, save it. Just in case you decide to spend more time at a destination,you can call him up and ask him where the bus is and reach there by an auto after exploring the destination at your own pace.

There are a number of destinations that the bus covers - Raj Mandir,Birla Mandir,Albert Hall Mueseum,Cenotaphs of Jaipur Maharanis,Jantar Mantar,Hawa Mahal,Jal Mahal,Amer Fort,Rajasthan Emporium etc. Some destinations are shown on the way while at some you are supposed to get off,explore the way and come back to the bus. The bus conductor acts as a guide and tells a brief history about each place.
There is a time allotted to each destination. However the time for some places I thought was very limited,like for Albert Hall we were given only 45 minutes. If you find yourself in a situation where you want to explore the place for more time than the allotted time,you can always call up the conductor and join the bus later by reaching the next stop by auto.

The most beneficial thing about the bus was that you got to meet new people and make new friends on the journey.

The last destination for the bus was Amer Fort,which was on the outskirts of Jaipur City. The lush green hills during monsoon and cold breeze made the experience absolutely amazing.

The bus is very cost effective. One ticket costs only 200 INR. To put things into perspective, one cab driver was asking for 500 rupees just to take us from Sindhi Camp to Amer. You can do the math and imagine how much money will you save by reaching all the destinations by this bus.

The main advantage is that it helps you get an idea of all the places so that next day you can spend on transportation only for the places you absolutely loved and want to explore further at your own pace. It also familiarises you with Jaipur routes.

I would definitely recommend that you check this bus out. The experience would be remembered by you for a long time!

Jaipur tourist double decker sightseeing bus
Albert Hall Museum

Cenotaphs of Jaipur Maharani's