What Volunteering at an Animal Shelter has taught me

One thing that volunteering at a shelter has taught me is that you aren't really an animal lover if you love dogs and cats sitting all groomed in your living room. If you only like healthy,happy,clean pets then what you like is called a toy with life.
Being so close to sick,paralyzed and even dying animals on weekends has taught me that they need people like you and me to care for them.
At first I was really scared of the large animals section. The first day I almost put down my bucket of water ready to run away because these large eyed cows were entirely new animals to me and I had no idea how would they react to a newcomer in their section. But just as I was about to leave,one of them,with an amputated foot started limping towards the bucket because she knew it had water. Clearly,she was thirsty and that very moment all my fear just vanished. I carefully took rounds with the bucket and only left the place  when each and every animal in the large animals section had their share of water.
It has been such a humbling experience for me. I am so thankful to all the shelter heads and vets around the city doing tremendous amount of work in really challenging situations. Sometimes we donate and forget about it,thinking that we've done our part but it's only when we ourselves devote time and energy that we realise how much effort it takes to even do do the basic things like feeding and cleaning.