Vrindavan's Hero

April 2014,Vrindavan.
What this man did, left me so amazed that It took a long time for everything to sink in. While rowing the boat, he suddenly changed his direction and went towards a tiny piece of land in the middle of the lake. He got of the boat, leaving everyone panicked as we kept calling him worrying our boat might slip off into the lake.He made way through a large group of crows, and came back with a pigeon in his hands, and started untying something on his body.  When we asked what it had got stuck in, he said 'kites'. We were all so surprised, how did he figure out that there was a wounded pigeon right in the middle of the lake so far off from where our boat was. When we asked him how did he get to know it was there from such a long distance he said 'the crows, the way they were crowded at one spot I knew there was a bird". Untying the final thread off the pigeon's wing, he set it free.  It flew off with a number of crows behind it, but it was far ahead of them.
All he kept saying while untying the pigeon was "sabko bas apni jaan pyaari hoti"

People go out of their way to help animals, birds, trees and we the people in big cites do so little despite having resources.  The least we all can do is have some tolerance and stop cruelty.
This incident wont get out of my head too soon.