My childhood reminisced

Walking through the Streets of Mehrauli I stopped to take  a picture of this clinic. My friend asked me what did I find so fascinating about it that I had to take a picture of it.
This is the kind of clinic I associate all my childhood doctor visits to. Simple Handpainted Boards with the name and qualification of the doctor,the timings and phone numbers written with Black Ink. Now I only see computerised Bright boards outside Airconditioned clinics.
There usually were wooden benches placed along the walls where all patients used to wait. The walls of the room often had Illustrated charts explaining about Some diseases.

Usually the same room used to be divided into two compartments,one for the doctor,and other for the waiting patients.
The doctor's table used to have a writing pad,A few pens,a stethoscope and a mercury thermometer. Now-a-days the doctors also keep calendars,Pen holders,and showpieces with the Names and logos of their 'preferred' pharmaceutical company printed on it.
And back in those times if you were lucky,You sometimes got a treat(like a Candy) from the doctor. Specially if you went to him for an injection!