Something Saucy! - Food Truck in gurgaon

Gurgaon is the hub of all things cool.
I came across a cool inviting little truck parked at Leisure Valley park at sector 29 in Gurgaon. 
There was a queue of cars parked in front of and behind the truck.

I started with Kadhai Paneer Tacos. The first thing I said after eating it was 'they taste so Indian!" Indianised version of the ever popular tacos,they live well up to their name.
I next tried the White Sauce Veg Pasta.I loved it. With olives and broccoli and oregano,and served with a toastie,it was served hot and wanted creamy and had a prominent taste of Oreganos.

I next tried the Veg Reuben Sandwich.topped with fries and Dips, it was cheesy, crispy and yummy. 
I next tried kung pao box. Rice topped with a very flavourful sauce with Cottage cheese and capsicums. I suggested them to try adding soya to it,and they were very welcoming of the suggestions.

I also tried the green apple soda. A very refreshing and cooling drink,with my favourite green apple flavour. 

I actually climbed up the truck and loved the hygiene of the place. The chefs were happy smiling people,and I personally feel that food made by happy people is always better.
Overall a cute affordable place bringing In some culture of Streets  of California. 
Lucky Gurgaon People!