Flip Bistro and Pizzeria : Gurgaon restaurant Review.

When you look at Flip from outside, it looks like any other regular place. However once you enter it,it's well done up. Beautiful spaced out seating,excellent woodwork and an open kitchen. Everything is very neat and beautiful.

I ordered the Fully Indian pizza. Excellent crust,just the right amount of cheese and toppings. Nothing was too much nor too less.
The pizza was very filling and delicious. 

I next tried the pasta in dried tomatoes and mushrooms. The original recipe had penne, I asked them if it could be made with fettucine and they gladly agreed. I loved that.  If a restaurant  gives the customer what they desire, they earn a loyal fan for life. After tasting the pasta,I definitely became one.
It was a luscious,smooth,creamy pasta with a prominent taste of oregano and tangyness of the tomatoes. The sauce was perfect.I have tried white sauce in various places,and this was by far the best. 
The peach Soda was a bit bitter for my liking. I wish they increase the ratio of peach flavour to soda. 

I finished my meal with a tiramisu. Lusciously creamy and Intense,it was absoloutely divine.

Overall, a great place which provides the quality food that it charges for. Delicious food and excellent service.  The serving staff always manages to put a smile on my face. 
It was amazing. Recommend.