Barsoom Bistro - Not a good experience.

There are some places that are not recommended to you, neither have a lot of hype,nor have a USP yet you have a soft corner for them.  Even before visiting them. 

Barsoom was one such place for me. Ever since it was featured on David  Roccos dolce vita,I dreamt of their banana chocolate tart and Buckwheat crepes.

I entered excited,and spotted Ravi. I saw him on tv and it was kind of like seeing a celebrity. 

The WiFi had decent speed.

One more table was occupied with a group of girls giggling and chewing on some Spinach. I really wanted to ask them what they were having ( I love paalak).

My server was quick to bring me the menu and fill up my glass with ice cold water. And kept refilling it. (I drink a LOT of water).

I didn't even had to look at the menu to know what I wanted. I asked him for a banana chocolate tart. Not available. Panna cotta?  Not available. 
That was really disappointing.  I finalised my order with some Spiced hot chocolate,Nutella crepe, Spaghetti and Mezze Platter. 

Before I even begin to review, let me inform you that it took them 1 hour 13 minutes to get my first dish. I kept on giving my friend the excuse that  They prepare everything from scratch. But even for those standards, it was pathetically late. I was so restless that I actually wanted to walk out. 

The spiced hot chocolate was delicious. Warming, Intense flavours and the familiarity of cocoa. Perfect for the winter.
The crepe had a wonderful texture,with just the right amount of nutella. Just enough to be tasted. Not overpowering. 

The pasta was okay. I have had better than this. God knows what they took 1 hour for.

The Mezze Platter had decent variety and the usual taste. I only ate a bite and got it packed, only to give it away to someone. I was so done with sitting.

I got the excuse that there is a shortage of staff. But the restaurant hardly had 8 people. In 3 distinct groups. It shouldn't  have taken as long as it did. 
All this while the owner was present and the place empty. 
I wish them luck to pull up their socks soon. I hope they don't intend to function this way for long.


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