Yeti the Himalayan Kitchen,GK-2

I discovered yeti Last year,on a birthday dinner from someone. I have amazing memories of delicious Tibetan food from my life in Manali,and I was overjoyed to find out that they serve it.

The ambiance of the place is the most amazing in Delhi. A brick wall,wooden flooring,Low Brown Tables and chairs. Traditional art pieces hung on the walls. Soothing music in the background. I love it so much that I love to visit yeti alone just so i can focus on the music. It's beautiful.

As soon  as you enter three chutneys land up on your table. A spicy red,a relatively milder orange,and a flavourful off white. 

Along with that,every table receives some Aloo Achar. It's Cold pieces of Potatoes  in a flavourful spice mix.

I love the Mushroom in black bean paste and Tingmo. Tingmo is basically a steamed fluffy bread,very very basic,but goes well with a variety of Dishes. The mushroom in black bean paste are flavourful,hearty,and mildly spicy. A must have for vegetarians.
my absoloutely favourite dish here is thukpa. All my friends and family and readers and restaurant staff know it. I am here every alternate day for their hearty and deliciousness Thukpa.

It's basically a noodle soup,with lots of vegetables. The broth is really heart warming living up to its name. The noodles make it very filling. If you need to try one dish at yeti,it should be the thukpa. You would want to keep coming back for more of it.

The momos at yeti are also very Authentic. Big,huge pieces,with generous flavourful filling.

In a nutshell,yeti is my favourite place to be at. With friends or alone,yeti serves all moods and celebrations.
I often sleep on my table after ordering my food,because the ambiance and music is so soothing,it makes me feel calm and happy.  

Visit yeti today.Its  A soul enriching experience.