Utopia- Karkardooma Community Centre,Karkardooma

As soon as you get down at Karkardooma Metro station on the Delhi metro Blue Line,you take a left,and cross the road to head towards Karkardooma Community Centre. On the lane towards left is located a place with badass matte exteriors and huge doors.
Enter the place and you are in for a surprise. As soon as you enter Utopia,nowhere in your mind would you think this is East Delhi. The interiors and the entire decor of the place makes you feel like you are somewhere in CP or Hauz Khas village, or even a really cool place somewhere  in the student hotsposts of Pune Or Bombay.
The ground floor has an open bar,flaunting the wide variety the place has to offer. Some of the drinks even exclusive. Only sold in East Delhi by Utopia.
along with cushioned Seating area,there is also a spacious seating to the left having huge loungers and tables for groups.

Also,the place has rooftop seating with huge  coolers stretched for the hot summer days. The rooftop seats look up to the sky above and karkardooma metro station in front of it. Also,The hookah is prepared  there.
Let's come to my favourite part after the interiors.  THE DRINKS. 
not only were they beautiful to look at,they were absoloutely delicious.little details had been care of. The color coordinated colours of the straws, the perfectly balanced lemon wedges, the perfectly set fruits,the beautiful glasses and presentation,and the amazing amazing flavours.

I Started with the pink lady. It was an amazing mocktail made with Grenadine syrup,Apple juice,cranberry juice, litchi juice,and mixed fruit juice. It was then topped off with a mixture of limca and sprite and then shaken to bring it all together. It was refreshing,fruity,and delicious.
Next I tried the Blue lagoon. Made with Curacao syrup and pinapple juice,It had a wonderful fizz of Sprite and Limca.
I then tried the Citrus fever. Orange juice,Fresh oranges sprite and limca,all stirred up in this delicious Citrusy Mocktail.
though all the drinks were  amazing,Green apple Surprise took my heart. I have never tasted anything quite like it. Served in  a margarita Glass and decorated with slices of green apple, this refreshing drink had green apple juice and syrup,which were blended and frozen. absoloutely  recommended. 

I next tried the Stuffed bellpeppers. Zuchini,potatoes,cottage cheese,Garlic all stuffed in crispy crunchy peppers, resting on a base of Tomatoes and topped off with mozarella cheese. With ingredients like that,it was a nutrient dense dish,but it tasted absoloutely divine. 

I next tried corn chops. A filling of corn,jalapenos,Cilantro and cheese coated with Japanese bread crumbs and deep fried to golden crispyness. Not a a trace of oilyness,and wonderfully crispy and crunchy. It came in a tiny tub having mayonaise and rested on a wooden stick. One of the most Well done vegeterian dishes I have had. 
I next tried the Baked roasted potatoes. Grated raw Potatoes resting in vinager water are moulded and seared. Then it is topped with rago sauce consisting of mushroom,Garlic,salt and pepper and luscious white sauce. All served on a bed of exotic broccoli, beans,Carrots and corn. This totally took me by surprise. It didn't taste of the humble potatoes. It tasted like something extremely exotic. And was spectacular. Very very good innovation by the chef. 

Overall,Utopia is a place with excellent decor,interior,groovy music,DELICIOUS FOOD,Excellent drinks, and all sits well within the budget. This is one of those places which would set high standards in the Food industry for east Delhi. 
Even little details like food styling and flavouring have been given a lot of attention. 
I simply can't wait to go back for more. 
Head over to Utopia with your gang for a party,your family for a hearty meal,or go on a date with yourself simply for the yummy food and drinks. 
Must visit.