The Blue Door cafe,Khan market.

If a foreign expat Or a friend that I love dearly were to come to Delhi. What would be the only  place I would take them to. I wouldn't even think twice. The Blue Door cafe. 

This cafe stands apart in quality. I have eaten at most fine restaurants,but the quality and standards of ingredients have never been as fine as the blue door cafe's. Once you eat here,you can't help but make a comparison of all other places to this gem. 

Seen in the picture below is Penne Pollo al Funghi. The creamiest, melt in mouth pasta.

According to me,to get a crepe perfect is an art. It shouldn't be too rubbery.
The perfect crepe can be found at the blue door. Shown in the picture below is crepe alla nutella.  The legendary nutella crepe. Thin as paper,light as air,served with fluffy whipped cream and dusted with sugar. It makes me all romantic. 

Shown below Is crepe alla Bastille. As if the pattern is not enough to make you fall in love with it. It tastes even better. 

The Belgian chocolate waffle. Crispy,crunchy,hot gooey chocolate. It's a large waffle,and should ideally be shared. But given how tasty it is,would you want to share it?

So in a nutshell. The blue door cafe might seem to be a bit pricey,but take my word for soon as you take a bite,you will realise what you payed for. Superb quality,polite staff,and lovely interiors. Undoubtedly my favourite cafe in town.