Sanjay Van : forest in the city

Delhi has had its fill of concrete. Where sprawling havelis and Airy bunglows were spread,now stand multistorey builder floors. 
If you have a sprawling mansion to yourself,you are blessed. 

Over the years,covering itself up behind the name of development,The construction in Delhi has quickly replaced the green cover. The variety of birds,insects,plants and flowers can not be seen in our everyday life. Just concrete dullness. 

This is when gems like Sanjay Van bring a breath of fresh air,quite litrelly. 

It's a sprawling area of wilderness,with multiple entry and exit gates.  

Trees old and New stand with their branches intertwined.  The canopy sometimes separates itself  to give way to the beautiful sky.
you can hear a stream trickling between the rocks.the  trail is pretty clear,but try not to venture around on the hillocks too much. You never know where something dangerous is hiding.
Every now and then you can hear very clear chirping of birds,treating your ears with their wonderful music.
its easier to spot an animal than a Human. It's deserted, with only greenery around.
there are many benches along the trail,the only feature of Sanjay Van reminding you it's in the middle of a civilisation. 
if you look around,you can spot Nests and Birds. Sanjayvan is an excellent place for birdwatchers. 
Some say its Haunted. It's specially haunting with the mazaars inside the forest and the ruins of Quila Rai Pithora.
So it'd always advisable to leave the place before the sun sets.
just to be on the saferside, I would suggest going there with a group of people. And carry a lot of snacks and water. What if you get lost in the forest? (Be prepared for the worst )

But on a concluding note, Sanjay Van is the most beautiful green area Delhi has to offer. The closest metro station would be Qutub Minar. 
Soak up some nature,just be very careful and safe.