Restaurant Review: The chocolate room,Satya niketan.

Youngsters roaming around with Backpacks. A young boy with a wonderful beard smoking a cigarette.A bubbly young girl in shorts hopping from one place to another with her friends. A man in his Fifties with a very regal beard and Gold rimmed sunglasses going through the menu of some place.
If you want to feel a vibe of the city,Satya Niketan is the place to be. Right opposite the legendary Sri Venkateshwara College,this market,is a food lovers paradise.

I walked into the Chocolate room because how sinful the name was. The chocolate room. How could I resist.
I entered to see a small counter, with tiny chocolate structures kept on display. I looked a little above it,a neat,informative board boasting of all the lovely food the place had to offer.

The smell of delicious cocoa in the air filled my heart with a childlike happiness.  I quickly took my seat and browsed through the menu.
To my surprise the place even served non sweet items.
The thing that caught my attention were the chocolate pizza and Eskimo Waffle.

While I waited for my order,every single dessert that passed by me to other tables looked every bit droolworthy.

The Eskimo Waffle. A fat,very fat waffle with prominent Little boxes filled with A thick rich layer of gooey chocolate, topped with rainbow coloured sprinkles,all on top of a pattern made out of chocolate sauce.
And if this wasn't enough,accompanying the waffle were chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
The fact I loved about the presentation  was that the ice cream came in a cup,not on top of the waffle. That ways the ice cream stays cool and the waffle stays warm and everything stays amazing.
I loved the waffle. For 235 rupees (with taxes) I couldn't ask for more.
Would I visit again? Definitely. This time with a bigger appetite. Because one waffle was more than enough for two hungry people.
Loved it.


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