Laxman Dhaba : dhaba of the explorers.

A lane full of Foodie Paradises, well acquainted to the Students of the Top Institutions,Intellectual youngsters,and Delhi Travelers,the qutub institutional area is a blessing for foodies.

Out of the handful of Dhabhas and open air eateries,a place that stands out is Laxman Fast food,or Laxman Dhaba.
It's a "popular secret.". The people who know about it,know it because of the delicious paranthas,and the fact that Ranbir Kapoor hogged on to some paranthas here around the release of Rockstar.

The Fast food joint has open seating with a Blue canopy overhead,above which is a natural canopy of trees. 
The tables are low with a plasticy red covering, the same covering pinned to the wooden benches. The remaining are white plastic tables and chairs.
If you are facing the kitchen,you can see smoke and steam rising from all the wonderful cooking going on inside it. 

Don't get deceived by the fact that it's a dhaba. The meal for two costed around 419,but it was filling and the ambiance is well worth it on a beautiful day.
My favourites here would be the Shahi paneer and Malai kofta. Shahi paneer (Seen above) is a beautiful amalgamation of flavours and richness.  Thin triangular pieces of cottage cheese,dunked in a savoury tomato curry,with lots of Cream.
The Malai kofta is a thick roll of Vegetables and Flour,dipped in a seriously creamy curry full of raisins and cashews.

on every table,there are three varieties of Chutney. A soothing green mint,a pickely garlic,and some hot red chilli.
and of course,Nimbu and pyaz.

Overall the experience is great. If the weather is good and you need an outing,Laxman Dhaba should definitely be on your list!