Another new innovation by Barcelos- THE WHITE BURGER

In May A revolution was created in the Food industry. The Brown-Bun-Burger-eating janta was in for a surprise when Barcelos  launched India's first Black burger. A burger with serious badass looks,made it to everyone's timelines
On Facebook and posts on Instagram. Everyone wanted to take a bite of the black.
People hadn't come out of the excitement of the black Burger,when Barcelos,in June came up with yet another innovation. The red Burger.

With Barcelos now being the household name of every serious foodie,the South African eatery has  come  up with another innovation. The white burger.

I was one of the lucky few people who got to try the burger before it's official launch at the tasting session.
I had a chance of interacting with Mr.Rohit Malhotra of Barcelos where I was enlightened about the amount of effort that goes in while preparing such new things for the consumer.

The 'coloured' burgers are not just exciting because of how they look,but also because a huge amount of Science is used while preparing them. 
The white burger is prepared with Coconut and milk,but the the secret process that gives it it's clean white colour is the style of baking. It's baked for a long Time over low temperature,so as to perfectly cook it but prevent it from Browning.
The patty hai Soya,which I was told was worked upon after my suggestion.A restaurant that gives the customer what it wants and cares for customer feedback, taking in all the advices  they can accomodate. That shows to me that barcelos is actually 'people's restaurant'.
The burger has sourish sweetness of the pineapple  slices,something I have had for the first time and would love to have more of it.
It's served with a peri mayo dip and Fries.
In 175 Rupees for Veg Burger,you get innovation,A Large messy delicious burger,stunning ambiance and excellent service. What more could you want right?
The white burger was launched today,on the 21st of August.  Do make your reservations  asap and head over to Barcelos ! (RECOMMENDED)
With this new South African restaurant inventing such innovative Dishes one after another,other eateries must pull up their socks. The competition is heating with Barcelos around.


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