An experience called Kunzum.

Kunzum travel cafe. Wether we have visited it or not,we all definitely are curious about this place until we visit  it.

The concept of Kunzum is pretty clear. You get a mug of brewed black coffee along with two jars. One jar has some Milk powder while the other has sugar. 
You pretty much make your own warm coffee,according to your own liking. You can sip on the coffee while chatting with a friend,browse the internet with free WiFi,read a book,meet and talk to fellow travellers or simply take the seat close to the window and look at the crowd passing by.
then you pay whatever you like,50Rs or 5000Rs and leave. 

To put it in simple words,kunzum cafe is running on its trust on the people,and the visitor's guilt consciousness.  While the concept of pay what you like be overwhelming to some people,once you get used to it,there's no better place than kunzum. 
If you spot a girl in kunzum with unruly hair,wearing bathroom slippers and oversized black shirt looking out of the window for hours ,it's probably me.