A New Secret in the City : Cafe Secret Society

Cafe secret society. Inspired by the Rockefeller family,illuminati and other secret networks working all across the globe under our nose,Cafe Secret Society is one place which shouldn't remain secretive. It's the place that deserves to be known to everyone because of the excellent food,service and ambiance. 

As soon as you enter the place,two things catch your attention : A ceiling with Black Bars with alternating  black chain,and an ancient looking chandelier making its way out of it. On the right is a Chalkboard,On which the day's special menu is written about.

I was introduced to Cafe Secret Society by Limetray. When I entered I met Mr.Angad, Mr.Sanchit and the entire crew of Cafe secret society. 

I started with the Mezze Platter. It consisted of Triangular  cuts of bread,Falafel,baba ganoush, Cheese filled crisp samosas and hummus. 
The bread was fresh and soft. The triangular cuts allowed it to be eaten after dipped in hummus,as well as to be made into a roll with crushed falafel.  The falafel were wonderfully crispy. Despite being deep fried,There was absoloutrly no trace of oilyness or greasyness. They were slightly flaky on the inside,and crispy,crunchy on the outside. 

The baba ganoush had a wonderfully refreshing and fresh taste. The aubergines giving it a very satisfying flavour. Loved it.

The Hummus was nice and creamy. Had I not known it contains Chickpeas,I would have never believed it. It tasted absoloutely delicious, and is very very healthy.

My favourite part of the meal was Bruschetta. I am always on a search for affordable delicious bruschetta,and I think my search ended at Cafe Secret Society. Priced at only rupees 179 for mushroom and cheese,and 169 for Tomato and basil,the bruschetta were fabulous. Cuts Of baguettes topped with vegetables and mushroom in the perfect ratio. You could taste the cheese,you could taste the bread,you could taste the tomato and basil. None of the ingredients  were overpowering. Everything was in perfect proportion. 
I washed It all down with a Watermelon cooler and Oreo Shake.
I really dislike watermelon drinks otherwise. I find them too pulpy and squishy. The watermelon cooler at  Cafe secret society, however,won my heart. The drink was very well made,with a prominent flavour of Watermelon and fizz of sprite,and chunks of Watermelon and leaves of mint. It was amazingly refreshing,not overly sweet, and very flavourful. I never thought I could love a Watermelon drink this much. 

The Oreo Shake was chunky,chocolatey  and delicious. It came in a old school bottle with a fat straw and pieces of Oreo. If you have it,it will fill up your heart with childlike happiness. Delicious. 

The place also has hookah. The hookah are imported,and the chillum is inverted,something  very different  from the standard hookah. The names of the hookah are just as exciting as the name of the cafe.

I was not having hookah the day I went. And one thing I loved about the place was that hookah on other people's tables did not affect me one bit. There was no smell of the flavour interrupting the aroma of my food,neither the smoke burning my eyes. They have achieved this through a number of exhausts they have in the seating area. Thumbs up for that. 

Their playlist is amazing. A lot of thought has been Put behind the songs which have the perfect volume.you can have a comfortable  conversation with someone, but you can listen to the music as well. 

The staff was well informed about the Food and drinks. They knew the exact  ingredients and processes gone into each dish and drink. 
That definitely  impressed me.

I left the place with a bouquet,and some red velvet, and a key which I hoped would help me get the secrets of the secret society.(specially the recipe of the bruschetta.hehee)

In a nutshell,it's a budget friendly well kept place with great music,courteous staff,and excellent food. I can't wait to tell my friends and family about this wonderful little place right opposite tagore international  school in Lajpat Nagar-4. Make your reservations soon or just drop by with a couple of friends. You can thank me later.

Nearest metro station - Kailash Colony.