Outfit of the day - Workout Wear

There's nothing more motivational than a good outfit to workout in.
For me, my sole motivation to get up and work out is to wear something chic and classy.
here I would provide inexpensive alternatives to what I wear as well!

●Crop top from Forever 21.
I didn't buy this to be worn as a workout garment. I got it a long time ago, but never really found a way to wear it. So, I decided to put it to good use.

Inexpensive alternative to this is any old tee you are not wearing anymore!

•Leggings from Zara
super stretchable, durable and light weight. 
These are body hugging yet comfortable

Inexpensive alternative to these are forever21 leggings, yoga pants, and even leggings from Lux Lyra!

● shoes from nike
these are just basic nike sneakers! Just because I want good sole support.
Inexpensive alternatives are any shoes that are comfortable and can take on body weight to divide in perfect ratios onthe foot. My favs being from the house of liberty and goldstar( cheap, but a doc told me they do the trick)