Durga Pooja 2014

The amazing celebrations consisting of Fasting and Feasting,Traditions and Customs,And of course,a time for self introspection and re-uniting with loved ones.

There are Pandals with Majestic Idols of Maa Durga around the city. An atmosphere,so majestic,so traditional you can't help but feel immense joy and peace.

The innovative temporary pandals,Providing a beautiful sight to the devotees. There are several Themes. This year around C.R Park,Several beautiful pandals were creating.

The Fetes and Fairs and Melas have wonderful handicrafts, food, ethnic wear,and paintings on sale. You feel like you want to take everything home!

And ofcourse,with the celebration,theres some great great food!
From Maggis and Iced tea,To Biryani and Fish.
There's something for everyone.

Its a celebration everybody should visit. Next year, hope to see you all. :) 

THE perforperformances! They are absolutely stunning. Even if you don't understand bengali, the rhythm and beats and the performer's charm keep you hooked!