Now before I begin this review,let me make it clear.I interviewed my mom about this review since she has been using this product as SHE HAS STRAIGHTENED HAIR.I have wavy hair and hence I thought It'll be a good idea for people to know about this product,for my mom absolutely loves it.This is what My mom had to say about Loreal paris X-tenso care for straightened hair.

Now to begin with,this product is specifically for SALON straightened hair,also commonly called smoothing and stronger version called rebonding. The natural bonds are chemically broken to replace them with different bonds,hence giving you semi-permanent straight hair.The straightening can last from 6 months to a year,depending upon your own care,the quality of procedure at the time of smoothening,and the post care.
For all those who have got their hair straightened,you have spent a bomb on getting them straightened,so its wise to spend some on maintenance to extend the period of rebonding.
If your stylist hasnt already suggested this mask,go ahead and buy it.
There are times when straightened hair begins to looks wavy,or lifeless,or thin.Thats when this mask works its magic on your hair.Only twenty minutes on your length,and your hair gets back to straight and shiny.
As you can see,I have used most of it.Its been lasting since 6 months,that's like a lot of time because you don't need a lot of product.A little works fine.
IT SMELLS JUST AMAZING.The hair is so yummy and fresh smelling that you can't resist to take a whiff.Also,the hair feels softer and a lot more smoother and healthier.Also,the back mentions some technological and scientific stuff about how it works,so you may read it while buying.
Overall,a MUST HAVE for chemically straightened hair.However,its results on naturally straight or wavy hair arnt that great. Infact,the only benefit of it on natural hair is the smell.
A must have product,usually available in salon and professional stores.

The consistency of the mask is kind of clumpy and smooth.Not very paste like,like other brands and masks.However it isnt great problem as the product is just amazing



Good Luck! :)