Lotion Review-Vaseline Healthy white body milk and Cocoa Glow

Happy Summmers to all my lovely readers! I'm a fan of winters so I know not how to express it,but have fun,drink cool stuff,jump into pool,workout,and remain hydrated!
getting straight into the point,today I'll review to lotions from Vaseline.Vaseline Healthy white body milk which is hydrating,makes your skin supple,vibrant and the fragrance is amazing.it spreads easily, lightweight and feels feathery.Its fragrance resembles umm,Flowers? Actually a very earthy,sweet scent.As for the "whitening part" I haven't seen that much of an effect,but for the other positive points,I'll buy this product for summers,no doubt.

Coming to the Other Lotion,Vaseline Cocoa Glow,its highly moisturising even for the dry skins like mine,However the Fragrance is a bit too strong for me.Also,the feel of it on my skin is a bit heavy.But if you are looking for a lotion that would solve your dryness problems,this is exactly the product I'll recommend for that purpose.

So that was a short,quick,no nonsense review! love you all,take care
WHERE TO BUY Vasenline healthy white body mill ONLINE?