Lotion Review- Parachute Advanced body lotion

meet the star natural product by parachute!

Parachute Advanced Body Lotion;Intense care,Dry Skin.
On my visit to my hairstylist,she offered me two sample size bottles of Parachute Advanced Body lotion(one for me and one for my mum who was accompanying me) .Who doesn't love free stuff? I grabbed it with both my hands :P
But that's not the only reason for me to love this lotion.The day i got it,I applied it on my hands in the car.They were feeling really tired and dry due to winters.To my surprise,my hand skin instantly looked plump and glowing. Also,The texture was very light and smooth.
My hand always looks dry and chapped.THIS picture shows my hand a lot better.It felt amazing due to Parachute Advanced Body lotion :") I wish you could see my aged and old hands due to lack of nutrition and compare it for yourself.*BLISSSS*

The next morning i Applied it as a body lotion all over.It was light and hydrated my  skin super nicely.The bottle says it has 100% Natural Moisturizers which is a MAJOR  plus  point for me as my skin would be awayy from chemicals and harsh unnatural things.

They make it in various sizes and REASONABLE .PRICES.The effects are great.Buy yourself a small bottle and you are bound to buy the bigger size!
Readily available.You may even find these at grocery stores!
best of luck.