Eye Product Review-VLCC kajal

Another Holy Grail Product! The love of every girl's eye is Kajal.Its simple to apply,requires no exceptional makeup skills,and is light and natural looking,not dramatic,subtle and lovely :)
Talking of Kajals,there are many in the Indian Markets.Most of them being herbal. I came across this one in Religare,when it was on an offer of buy1 get 1 free and an unbelievably low price.I picked it up without second thought in my mind.One for me,one for my sister.
Surprisingly enough,I switched from my old kajal,with which i had a relationship of 4 years to this one within a matter of months.One little stick lasted me a long long time,and the efficiency of it remained stable.It had  a creamy,dark,and easy to apply formula.The triangular peak made fine,crisp lines.
swatch of the kajal.With one stroke,it made smooth,creamy lines

In my case,the kajal refused to smudge.Even if i cried,a little would spill out of my eyes,and the rest remained in its position.The spilled out water mixed kajal when I once rubbed away with a tissue/cloth,the look retained without looking messy!
and yes,wearing kajal in your eyes REALLY does make a difference to me.The eyes look wider,shinier and the kajal enhances the natural color of your iris. Isn't it a great thing?

As you can Probably tell,after application of kajal,my eyes look brighter and sharper.Although the application is mild in my case,for a more intense look you just keep building up more layers of the kajal.Its that easy

Overall a great value for money product.Surprisingly enough,whenever I went to buy it,the buy 1 get 1 free offer was on.Maybe your lucky too,rush to your Nearest beauty store and find it out!! :D