A summer evening in Mehrauli

the old world charm
the maze aka bhool bhulaiya

the weather

It was a pleasant little evening,a surprising break from sun's harsh rays.It was nice and cloudy,but no rain possible,or so we thought. We took an AC DTC bus to mehrauli,. The way was both,unpleasant and beautiful.The bus went from Kalkaji to Mehrauli,the bus's last stop.I was raised in the walled city and later shifted to one of the posh colonies of delhi,And I'd prefer Old Delhi any day,because its my type of Delhi.
Mehrauli was fairly similar,similar,Only similar. 
The mithai
The Place was amazing.Though we did not visit the Qutub Complex due to lack of time,we still loved the place. The bus stopped right in front of Bhool Bhulaiya,Another small little historical site.Kids were playing cricket with plastic bat and ball,families packing up their picnic baskets,Lovers walking hand in hand shrugging each other off when they found someone staring,A few men sleeping on the elevation,young boys sitting on the walls overlooking a green patch,Women chasing their kids,and tourists sitting on the stairs overlooking the noisy crowded market.
The galiyan (Lanes) were narrow and bending unexpectedly anywhere,With ACs coming out of windows and balconies and wires tangling themselves into each other.
The market was a very interesting place.It was a khichri (yummy wali)  of old and new.With old architecture and rickety buildings, were Sony,Blackberry,Samsung showrooms.My favourite was the soda shop.A small little shop with a orange board clearly stating about the yummy stuff it was selling..You could get blueberry,Apple,Orange,Strawberry,Mint,Litchi sodas for as cheap as 5 and 10 bucks,and the taste was simply amazing,pungent and flavorful.There were also juice shops selling freshly squeezed juices and shakes..
The galiyan had everything from stationary to clothing,from chappals to carpets,from imported stuff to boiled eggs,from mithai to momos.The momos were amazing,no the momo wala was amazing.
We sat on the stairs while looking at the bus terminal and the perfect dark blue sky.

The market
safe girls,protect girls,respect girls
The Pehelwaan,The Doctor

The trespassing! 

the tilted qutub

the galiyaan

The market

We were wrong,it did rain.